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Enjoyable Edibles has a long history with the cannabis community in California and is living proof that compassion can prevail. The brand gained attention from the cannabis community over a decade ago, blowing patients away with the incredible potency of their delicious treats. As the cannabis industry changed and evolved, Enjoyable Edibles remained a staple. Today, the team is proud to carry out their legacy of excellence and strive to connect with everyone from seasoned stoners to cannabis newbies.
Enjoyable Edible's bakers have been infusing cannabis into treats since 2010. All products are produced in small batches to ensure absolute quality control. Each contains solvent-free, active cannabis oil and guaranteed even and precise dosage. Finally, the products are lab tested then sent to cannabis dispensaries throughout California.
Enjoyable Edibles offers a plethora of premium cannabis-infused edibles, but are best known for their yummy, sprinkled covered Animal Cookies — each bag offers a whopping 350 mg of THC. Enjoyable Edibles sets the bar for pot brownies, with culinary feats like Blackout Brownie, Peanut Butter, and Space Brownie. Each is incredibly potent and remarkably delicious.

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