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Cannabis creations, handmade with love in Los Angeles.

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We boast the best and easiest to use customizable vape pen on the market.
Enjoyable uses the latest technology in vaping to bring you a pen you can rely on. Long lasting battery life and customizable temperature settings are just some of the features that make our pen the industry leader. Filled with top of the line cannabis oil for the perfect experience every time.

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Made with Love

Enjoyable Edibles provides specialized treats that taste as amazing as they look. Each member of the Enjoyable Edibles team believes in the natural healing powers of medical cannabis. It is our passion to supply delicious treats that increase the quality of life. Enjoyable Edibles takes pride in their handcrafted confections, their creations conceal their power with phenomenal flavor — don’t be fooled, these edibles are extremely potent. 

Only the highest quality ingredients

We don't leave anything to chance. We hand select the best ingredients to ensure ultimate effectiveness, freshness, and quality. We only select potent botanicals that are organic, wild-crafted or grown without chemicals far away from pollution. We use fresh, pure and organic ingredients that provide you with the nourishment you need to be healthy and vibrant.


We are in the majority of dispensaries in the greater
Los Angeles area and over 800 in the state of California.

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Made with Pride

Edibles are one of the most wholesome foods people have been eating. In fact, people have been eating edibles throughout human history.
These days, many cooks yearn to add THC to their repertoire, but the whole process can be quite daunting to master.

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